Local Priorities, Local Planning

Preserve our Quality of Life

  • Protect our unique neighborhoods.
  • Focus new development in commercial and mixed-use areas.
  • Enhance the maintenance of our beautiful parks and natural areas.

Prioritize Spending and Fiscal Responsibility 

  • Maintain and protect public safety funding.
  • Control the growth of city debt.
  • Match city spending to community priorities.

Attract New Businesses and Support Local Businesses

  • Streamline the development code.
  • Reduce red tape.
  • Support urban renewal

Support Schools

  • Partner with the School District to develop permanent funding solutions.
  • Identify ways to boost enrolment and avoid school closures.

Plan for our Future

  • Attract young families. 
  • Provide housing options for aging seniors to stay in the community.
  • Control growth.

Protect our Natural Resources

  • Maintain our existing natural areas.
  • Balance private property rights with public benefit.
  • Continue city sustainability goals.

Restore Trust and Civility to City Council